10 Key Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Hat

By Angela Marshall, 14th Apr 2011

It is importnat to choose the right hat when you attend special occasions whether you are lucky enough to be attending the big Royal Wedding, a friend or family wedding, or one of the social events due in June and July.

10 Key things to consider:

  1. The style of your outfit dictates the type of hat you should wear
  2. Choose a hat to suit your facial features e.g. long face avoid height, a  round face suits height
  3. A hat worn at an angle makes your face appear slimmer
  4. The proportion needs to be considered – big hat for large lady and a small hat for a small lady
  5. The wider the brim so should the height of the crown
  6. Either the hat or your hair should frame your face not both, restyle your hair,  mostly best to be off the face
  7. Wear the correct size – too big and it will fall too low,  or too tight will give you a headache.  Tip alter the rim inside.
  8. Ensure you are comfortable and feel good in your hat, otherwise you will not enjoy the day
  9. The hat needs to reflect your wardrobe personality so you are expressing yourself
  10. Use hat pins and/or elastic to hold it firm and finally wear the hat with confidence!

 To appreciate what style of clothes and accessories, including a hat, suit you best, a personal image consultation is a great benefit. It is not just for the event but for the rest of your life. Contact Appearance Management for further information.

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