10 tips for a Quick Instant Update for Your Wardrobe

By Angela Marshall, 25th Sep 2014


It isn’t necessary to spend lots of money or go shopping to update your wardrobe. Sometimes all you need to do is amend the items you wear together. Think about your lifestyle: what items do you need for work and casual at home? Really, all you have to do is make minor adjustments to your own clothes and accessories. If you need to make some purchases, then have a plan on what you need and learn to shop smart.

Here are some tips on how to update your wardrobe without spending lots of money:

  1. Check out your existing wardrobe
  2. Mix and match your clothes, you can have less but appear as though you have more.
  3. Stick to 3/4  colours, for your basics, that work together.
  4. Decide what style of clothes, in the current season, compliments your body shape.
  5. Buy less and buy quality for your key items so they last.
  6. Buy accessories to change, update and smarten your outfits.
  7. A great pair of shoes together with a belt that tones in or even a hat can make all the difference when putting together an outfit for the season.
  8. Add a coloured scarf or belt to a plain outfit.
  9. Recreate your jewellery, double up a long necklace or add a coloured ribbon to lengthen a necklace.
  10. Don’t buy bargains and never wear them.

Remember CPW – cost per wear. When you purchase expensive items choose classic colours and shape so you can wear then a lot over several years. The more you wear an item the cheaper it becomes!


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