10 Tips for Buying a Wedding Dress

By Angela Marshall, 5th Nov 2013


Buying a Wedding Dress

Buying a wedding dress can be an exciting experience, but choosing the right dress can also be a stressful and overwhelming time. Think about the type of dress you want, have some idea, check out magazines.

Here are 10 tips for buying a dress:

  1. Set the Budget –  start a budget plan for the wedding and allow for what you think is the price for your dress, then avoid looking at dresses that are well out of your price range.
  2. Be open minded –  try dresses on that you may not like on the hanger or other people.
  3. Shop early –  plan ahead, 6-9 months if possible; allow time so that the other items will blend in e.g. accessories, bridesmaids, flowers, shoes.
  4. Theme – Do you want to be romantic, classic, elegant, funky or glamorous?
  5. Dress code – time of day, classic in church or on a beach?
  6. Shopping Time – make an appointment and avoid weekends.
  7. Style and shape – buy a dress to suit your shape and one that compliments your best points e.g. waist, legs (long with a slit), chest, shoulders.
  8. Lingerie – wear good underwear and correct height shoes when trying on to get an accurate idea.
  9. Shopping friends – have friends or family with you who you trust and understand your taste and personality.
  10. Feel good – ensure you feel comfortable in the dress and that you can imagine feeling good all day in it.

Ideas for what to wear for a second wedding:

A second wedding is just as important to you; after all it is a celebration of two people committing themselves to each other. You may have the money for a big wedding that you didn’t have before or you may just want a  ‘low key’ wedding. This is your wedding and you can decide. You may well feel you want a big traditional wedding dress which you didn’t have the first time or a contemporary look  such as a coloured dress or a flamboyant suit. Perhaps a perfect wedding for you is  on the beach if you want to escape to a sunnier climate. It’s a great opportunity to wear something that really suits your style and personality.

It’s also wise to avoid anything similar to your first wedding – whether it’s the hair, accessories, flowers or cake decoration . You don’t want guests comparing the two weddings, so make it a very different day for them and you.

Who to invite? Do you want a quiet or big wedding? The guest list requires a lot of consideration. You may well choose close friends and family or want to add your new friends and relatives.

Over 40

These days there are no rules whatever your age and circumstances. Although pure white can be harder on your face and most women do not have quite the figure or youth of a young bride, but that doesn’t mean you cannot and should not look absolutely fabulous. Choose a style and shade of colour that compliments your shape and skin tone and most importantly that makes you feel as well as look a million dollars! Also, ensure your make-up compliments your outfit and skintone.

Wedding Accessories

Whatever the accessory, whether it’s a tiara, veil, necklace, brooch, bracelet, earrings or hair pieces ensure you match or tone in colours, style, length and shape. Jewellery – diamonds and pearls are always classy and timeless for a wedding.

Ensure you wear the appropriate undergarments. Wearing tights? Then ensure you have extra, at least three pairs as accidents can happen on the day. To avoid the inevitable panty line, consider wearing pantyhose with sewn-in cotton crotch or thong underwear. Again, if you’ve never worn a thong, try it first – this barely-there item is not for everyone, and some women find the experience most uncomfortable.

Whatever your choice of day, your style of dress or the colour of your accessories, be true to yourself and your wardrobe personality and you are sure to look and feel fabulous.

Next week   – Tips on what to wear to a wedding

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