10 Tips on What to Wear and Remember for a Job Interview

By Angela Marshall, 8th Apr 2011

As an image consultant I am often asked what should people wear for an interview. Well there is no one answer but the following tips may help you to decide.


So what should you consider?

  1. It depends on both your industry and the position level you seek. Is the company traditional, creative or are you applying for a management role or manual work
  2. Dress better than you would for the job
  3. Ensure your clothes fit you well
  4. Keep colours fairly neutral but add some colour either in shirt and tie or jewellery for a woman, but nothing that stands out too much
  5. Ensure you are well groomed e.g. clean shoes, nails, hair, no creases in your clothes
  6. Call the company or stand outside when people go or leave work and check out their attire. Alternatively phone reception and ask them about the dress code.
  7. Keep it classic for a classic company, and up to date fashion for a fashion job
  8. Dress modern, avoid wearing clothes that you have had for years. It will age you.
  9. Don’t wear the same thing if you go back for a second interview (at least change the shirt and tie or top)
  10. Ensure you feel comfortable in the clothes and that they reflect your personality

A prospective employer is looking for an employee who looks as least as good in person as they do on their CV. They want someone who looks like they will fit in with the company and its brand.

Walk in with confidence and remember to:

  1. Turn up on time
  2. Stand up straight, shoulders back
  3. Smile
  4. Give a good handshake
  5. Give regular eye contact
  6. Show you are listening
  7. Loosen up your shoulders, sit upright in the chair and relax!
  8. Be polite
  9. Have some questions ready to ask and answer
  10. Thank the interviewer for seeing you

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