6 tips for Networking Socially or Professionally

By Angela Marshall, 15th Dec 2008

Whether we are meeting people in a social or business environment there are some dos and don’ts that will help us:


  1. Introduce yourself to people
  2. Ask open questions e.g. Where did you travel from?
  3. Listen and learn
  4. Build up a rapport and find out what you have in common
  5. Be positive
  6. Smile!
  7. Help others and they will help you


  1. Walk into a room looking for potential clients
  2. Do all the talking
  3. Only talk about yourself
  4. Be negative, moaning about others or the event
  5. Show a lack of interest in them – you never know who they may know.
  6. Slouch and look miserable
  7. Ignore people when they contact you

2 Responses to “6 tips for Networking Socially or Professionally”

  1. Great tips Angela!

    Being positive and smiling are definitely important traits to have when networking. It astonishes me how many people don’t smile when they do a speech – no matter how brief!

    Good networking.


  2. Angela says:

    Thanks for yuor comments. It is a mazing isn;t it, makes such a difference when one smiles 🙂

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