7 Tips – Delivering a Presentation

By Angela Marshall, 22nd May 2009


Now more than ever, in the present financial climate when there is stiff competition  it is important to deliver a good presentation whether pitching for work or a job interview. First impressions count, so when you are giving that important presentation think carefully about the situation and dress accordingly. Plan and prepare not only your presentation but also your personal image.

7 Tips:

  1.  Remember to be well groomed
  2. Ensure your clothes fit you well
  3. If presenting as a team think about co-ordination and your corporate brand (you don’t want the team’s clothes clashing).
  4. Ensure your clothes are not too hot or cold that you will feel uncomfortable
  5. Dress appropriately but also reflect your wardrobe personality as well as your corporate brand.
  6.  Feel comfortable and enjoy yourself.
  7. Think positive and be confident.


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