7 Tips on Being Positive When Networking

By Angela Marshall, 5th Jan 2011

 Over the last year more people are attending networking events but unfortunately, from my experience, they are not correctly networking. Networking, face to face, is an important part of the way people obtain new business, but people are thinking too much about sell, sell, sell! Instead they should spend time getting to know someone and show interest in their business or profession.  Networking is no different to other projects in that it needs to be planned, organised and appropriately followed up. When attending groups be positive whether it is an existing group or a new one.

7 Tips when face to face networking:

  1. Dress to represent your business and brand
  2. Walk in with confidence – give yourself a boost by reminding yourself what you have to achieve
  3. Smile it will help you to relax and you will look more friendly and approachable.
  4. Be a good listener – remember god gave you 2 ears and 1 mouth
  5. Be prepared to tell people in short sharp sentences what you do and what type of business you are looking for.
  6. Build up a relationship not a sale
  7. Spend time with your existing networkers; not necessarily chasing new ones all the time.

During or after the meeting arrange to meet people outside the networking meeting or telephone them.

Wearing the correct clothes means you need to be comfortable but ensure you are well groomed. Your clothes need to reflect your wardrobe personality and your business and the type of industry you are in.

For more advice or if your networking group would like a speaker then contact Angela Marshall at Appearance Management.


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