7 Tips on Choosing the Right Glasses to Suit Your Personality

By Angela Marshall, 4th Mar 2011

Wearing glasses affects how you look and needs to reflect your wardrobe personality otherwise you will not feel comfortable in them nor will you show your true personality to people you meet.

As an image consultant my advice on what to consider when choosing your frames you need to take into account your face shape, your colour of hair, your complexion and, depending on your eye sight the thickness of the lenses will also need to be considered. The optician can discuss this with you.

Chris Evans and Heston Blumenthal are both known for their black framed glasses and no doubt they enjoy wearing them. Although I personally would like to see them in frames that suit their colouring and show their bright eyes, so that we notice them and not their glasses, but with them it is a bit of a “branding” exercise!

You need to ask yourself are your glasses a key feature or do you want them to be less noticeable and tone in with your complexion, colouring and face shape.


  1. Choose a good optician with a selection of styles of glasses  and a variety of prices so that they will suit your budget as well as you
  2. Ensure the staff are experienced, knowledgeable, friendly and, last but not least, patient. It takes some time to choose, especially if they are your first pair of glasses.
  3.  You also need to allow sufficient time as it is an important decision. Your glasses are not only an investment in your eye sight but an important accessory to show you and your personality at your best
  4. If you want your glasses to blend in with your facial features then choose a colour of frame that suits your skin tone and blends with your hair colour.
  5. The style of glasses need to compliment your face shape e.g. the frames can shorten, or add width, or add fullness
  6. If you wear glasses regularly and depend on them it is important to have more than one pair.
  7. Cleanliness – look after your glasses, keep the lenses clean and put them away in them away in their  case when not wearing them

 Please contact Appearance Management for advice which  is included in a style or full image consultation.

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