A Smart Image Means a Smart Attitude and a Smart Performance

By Angela Marshall, 7th Aug 2011

I am a great fan of Jonny Wilkinson, although I support Wales being Welsh. What I have noticed he doesn’t seem to play so well when he lets his hair grow and look unkempt. I was pleased to see is hair cut was neat and tidy yesterday when England played Wales at Twickenham and that Wilkinson has a good chance to be back as a genuine contender to start at outside half. Although, of course, I was sad to see Wales lose overall.

I also believe Andy Murray will improve his game if he improves his grooming. He needs to have a sharper haircut, outfits that fit him (although can be lose fitting but not plain baggy) and then he would look sharper and I am sure his body language would improve, he would feel more confident and look like a winner.

Many people seem to agree with me and certainly David Lloyd has been quoted “If you look at Nadal, Djokovic and Federer when they come on the court, they have a demeanour,” said Lloyd.

There are people who can be at the top of their game who are not sharp in appearance but they are few and they may even have reached a higher performance.  As an image consultant I have found whenever I help people with their appearance I notice how their whole attitude and body language changes for the better, when they look and feel good and represent their personal image.

Andy lives local so perhaps I should contact him, what do you think?

When you look smart, you feel smart and your whole attitude changes, you feel so much more confident and then your performance matches this.

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