The Importance of Accessories and the Message they Give

By Angela Marshall, 27th Sep 2011

Our appearance has an impact on how we come across to people. It gives out an impression of who we are.  The type of accessories we enjoy wearing will depend on our wardrobe personality. When you wear expensive items, they portray that  you have a certain status. An expensive belt will make an average pair of trousers or skirt look more expensive and the same with cufflinks on a shirt.        


Accessories add style to our outfits and when we choose the right ones they will compliment our clothes and they can make our outfit look more expensive. They are a great way to update or change our look, plus they are easy to carry and do not take up too much room when you need to travel. It is a great way of expressing your personality, whether you wear one accessory or several.


It is important that you know how to wear accessories and what to purchase to compliment your outfits and you. They can make or break your look.

Appearance Management 10 tips:

  1. Choose items that are in proportion to your scale (unless you want to be dramatic and have them noticed and not you). This includes cufflinks for men.
  2. Wear accessories to bring out your best features.
  3. Avoid wearing accessories near the weaker area of your body e.g. waist, bust, legs.
  4. Buy a good quality belt in leather for business that goes witth your shoes and outfit.
  5. Wear a quality watch for business and keep it elegant and in proportion to you, again unless you want it to be noticed and not you!
  6. Wear a brooch near your shoulder to look taller and bring the attention to your face; avoid wearing it near your bust otherwise the attention will be on your bosom.
  7. Tie a scarf in a knot according to your length of neck and shape of face.
  8. Wear earrings to compliment your face shape and colouring.
  9. Wear bright accessories to give contrast or softer tones to blend with your outfit, according to your colouring. (Have a colour consultation if you do not know).
  10. Wear the correct hosiery, that sometimes depends on fashion. Don’t wear patterns or colours if you haven’t got good legs.
  11. Buy good quality shoes for business, that are not high fashion (unless you’re in the industry) and are comfortable.


If in doubt what to wear with what then don’t wear the item or give it a trial dress rehearsal at home.

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  1. Dawn says:

    Wow! I love your new WordPress theme Angela – it looks great.

  2. Fab post Angela and so excited to see your blog with its’ makeover of its own 😉

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