Autumn – Update Your Wardrobe on a Budget

By Angela Marshall, 25th Sep 2012

Each season it is important to check out your wardrobe, discard clothes you don’t wear or are too worn out and organise the wardrobe. It will then be easier to find the clothes you need every day. Learn to mix and match the items and make a list of what you need for the season. This way you will not buy items you don’t need and you will be much more focused about what to look for when shopping in stores or on the internet.

An Ideal Wardrobe

An ideal wardrobe is one that works hard for you and that suits your lifestyle, budget and makes you feel radiant every day! It doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Like any project it needs some organising and planning.

Ensure you have the basic items and that they fit you well e.g. jackets, trousers, jeans, white or cream tops or shirts – Women skirts, LBD or a colour to suit you.

Have a variety of fabrics that you enjoy wearing, together with a selection of accessories which will change your look for work and other various occasions.




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