Autumn Wardrobe – Think Organise, Plan and then Shop

By Angela Marshall, 1st Sep 2011

For years I have done wardrobe makeovers for clients and now is a good time to refresh your wardrobe. As summer draws to an end and the new season starts it is the ideal time to check out your wardrobe and get it organised for what you need for the new season. It never ceases to amaze me how many people go shopping before they check what they have and need in their wardrobe. It doesn’t matter how many times I say it I always need to remind people. Before you shop check what you need for your lifestyle for the season. Otherwise, you will purchase the wrong items, have too much of the same, or you may have a panic when you need something for an occasion or for an important event at work. Know your wardrobe personality you will then understand what styles you like, what fabrics and accessories you enjoy wearing.

Think OPS – organise – plan – shop.

Organise the clothes you wear into groups, then colour and get rid of what you don’t wear . Either sell them, give them to charity or a clothes bin, or store them elsewhere. Do not put the items back in the wardrobe to clutter up this season’s items .

You should also put away your summer clothes.

Tips to store your summer wardrobe:

  1. Wash all your summer items e.g. t-shirts, swimwear you only use on holiday, sarongs, kaftans, beach towels and store them.
  2. Ensure all items are clean and that there are no hidden stains as they can leave a permanent mark as well as attract moths.
  3. Fold all your holiday garments and pack them neatly into a case, a breathable box or hang them in storage bags.
  4. Pack all of your sandals, summer shoes and flip flops into breathable shoe boxes. Take a photo and put it on the outside so you can easily locate the items.
  5. Ensure you get rid of worn out and old clothes that you will not wear again.

Now plan what you need for the season and then shop!

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