Baraka Obama – What Messages does he give out with his Appearance?

By Angela Marshall, 19th Jan 2009

Baraka Obama

The 44th President will be inaugurated on Tuesday. So what message does he give out with his appearance and how does he differ to other presidents. I have 10 Wardrobe Personalities types in my book and I would describe Obama as a gamin sporty. What does this mean? He is a small framed man that will always keep his slim physique and will easily look neat and tidy whether he is in formal or casual wear. His style preference will be simple nothing fussy and is unlikely to want to spend time shopping but rely on his First Lady to guide him. He is likely to want things neat and precise yet he will have a relaxed approach and willing to listen to new ideas and have an open approach. Loving the communication of computers as much as face to face. He will expect his team to be accurate andotherwise he is likely to spot mistakes. wish will annoy him.

How does this compare to President Bush and President Clinton?

Bush was a more a Sporty classic type man who probably was not so open to change, but liked to be traditional, organised and formal. May not have been so detailed but doesn’t like things wrong, relied on others. Clinton however was a relaxed guy sporty romantic that may well have not been so aware of time keeping and enjoyed a more creative side and would prefer to charm his way, preferring face to face to social networking. Of them all he would have liked to ensure his hair had style and that his clothes had some detail. He probably enjoys socialising and equally happy in woman’s company.

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