Being a Good Neighbour

By Angela Marshall, 9th Jan 2014

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Are you a good neighbour?

Over the last year there have been several incidents, in United States and Europe, where women have been found to be locked up for many years in a person’s home.  Just recently in London, three women have been found to be locked up in a home for over 20 years. On occasions, during the day, they had put a sign in the window asking for help, but people passing by hadn’t noticed and sadly neighbours hadn’t noticed either.

Is this a sad reflection that we do not take enough interest in our neighbours?

A Neighbour

First of all what is a neighbour? The Oxford dictionary says it is ”a person or place in relation to others next or near to it”. This can apply to our work environment, when travelling, as well as our home.

Wherever it is, it is important to get on with our neighbours and also get to know them, it can make life more pleasant and can avoid conflicts. This in turn helps make a difference to all our lives.

Over the next few weeks I shall give some hints and tips on how to be a good neighbour at home, travelling or at work. If we all try to be a little more considerate, patient and helpful, then life would be so much better for everyone.

Being Neighbourly

A good neighbour is considerate, patient and understanding of others and appreciates that we all have different lifestyles, views and ideas which in turn can help build successful communities.

General suggestions on how to be a good neighbour:

  1. Introduce yourself – whether new or not make yourself known to people living next door or near you or in the office.
  2. Communicate with your neighbour – give them some information that may be useful to them, update them on local issues you may know about.
  3. Smile and say hello – show signs of friendship.
  4. Be aware of your and their surroundings – allow them their space as well as expecting yours.
  5. Be polite, considerate and helpful –  offer help and advice if you think it will be helpful. Show your appreciation when they do you favours.
  6. Avoid making too much noise
  7. Give them advance warning of any disruption that may affect them

Next week I shall cover tips on what to consider with your neighbours at home. In the meantime practise your neighbourly skills and remember to smile at people.

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