Being Neighbourly – in work

By Angela Marshall, 23rd Jan 2014

Neighboury at work

Over the last two weeks I have discussed being neighbourly in general and at home.  This week is about being neighbourly at work.

Are you a positive and happy person at work? People like to work with people that are positive as they project confidence and success, whereas people who are negative lack energy and show low self esteem. The energy of positive people can rub off on others.

It is important to be neighbourly in work as well as at home. Being thoughtful and considerate to our colleagues creates a better atmosphere and in turn it makes the environment a better place for all.

Here are some suggestions for being neighbourly at work:

  1. Say good morning and good night when you arrive and leave.
  2. Introduce Yourself  – to new co-workers and when you attend other areas.
  3. A smile is a much underrated business tool. It conveys enthusiasm, happiness and interest. It is a sign of friendship and fosters goodwill in business. It also helps to relax muscles in your face.
  4. Good Body Language – walk with energy, give a good handshake, sit and stand upright don’t slouch.
  5. Listen and Give active signs – nod or comment.
  6. Be friendly in Lifts – smile and say a general comment – e.g. busy today when lift is busier than normal, network, it’s a good way to meet people from other areas as well as your bosses.
  7. Communicate regularly – update them on changes, promotions or events; they may well keep you informed.

Always Be Polite

Remember your please and thank you and show your appreciation when others do you favours. It’s always good to treat others how you wish to be treated.

Some people are shy and can appear unfriendly so break down the barriers, even when people are unfriendly or miserable better to be known as a positive person with enthusiasm and energy. You never know when bosses will notice or be speaking to you especially in a large company.

Next week I shall talk about “being neighbourly when travelling” in the meantime practise being a good neighbour in general.


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