Being Neighbourly – When Travelling on Public Transport

By Angela Marshall, 30th Jan 2014

Nieghbourly - travelling


Over the last few weeks I have talked about being a good neighbour at home, work and now consider when you’re travelling. Are you helpful, patient and considerate to fellow travellers? Whether we travel by plane, train or bus we can all improve on being more neighbourly to our fellow travellers. People seem more busy nowadays, short of time particularly in large cities. Always in a rush, lacking patience for people who are slower and possibly less able. Yet if we can just be a little more neighbourly then the journey may well be more pleasant for us all.

Suggestions to consider to be more neighbourly to fellow travellers:

  1. Be polite – remember your please and thank you, say sorry when necessary, say excuse me
  2. Be courteous – Offer elderly people, pregnant women or those with children to go first
  3. Be Helpful – if people are unsure where or what to do offer your advice, or if someone is disabled offer support, for example: holding a door open for them to pass through
  4. Smile  if people look at you especially sitting opposite show some friendship without having to engage with them
  5. Take notice of your surroundings – avoid bumping into people or knocking their belongings
  6. Know your space – avoid taking up extra space or putting your legs or elbows in other people’s space
  7. Communicate – ask the person next to you, if you think you will annoy by doing something or if you need to pass or open a window

Things to Avoid


  1. Speaking loudly – avoid speaking loudly to fellow passengers or on your mobile when sitting or walking close to people
  2. Being impatient in a queue – whether in line for traffic, boarding on to a bus, plane or train
  3. Eating smelly food– if you need to eat try to avoid food with a strong odour e.g. orange, fish, hot food.
  4. Holding up a queue – not being ready with your ticket, not having the correct information.
  5. Blocking areas – standing or talking in corridors or empty space
  6. Luggage – avoid wheely bags or knapsacks tripping or knocking other passengers
  7. Sneezing and coughing – use a handkerchief and try to avoid doing it directly at people

Travelling with Children

It isn’t always easy to travel with children especially if the journey is long. Try to take interesting items e.g. toys, crayons and books or videos to keep your children occupied and teach them they also need to be patient and wait inline.

Travelling with other people and especially at busy times is not always pleasant but by treating others as you wish to be treated can make the journey more pleasant for you and other people.


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