Being Truly You

Over the last decade Angela Marshall has studied Wardrobe Personality and has applied this knowledge and experience to help hundreds of clients look and be who they really are and to bring out their “inner selves”. The results have transformed their lives. It has improved their confidence and they are much happier in their clothes, style adn appearance, whihc has led to them achieveing their business golas in leaps and bounds.

The Book – Being Truly You

This book is for you if you want to learn all about Wardrobe Personality. By completing the Questionnaire inside you will understnad whihc Wardrobe Personality you are adn how to adapt that style in to many different social and business situations. Whatever your age, size, colouring or race do not live your life in someone else’s shoes. Be proud be different – Be Truly You

Is the way you dress a true reflection of your Wardrobe Personality?

Recognising and understanding our Wardrobe Personality is one of the most critical aspects in determining what we should wear. Some of us enjoy dressing up and looking highly polished, yet others may find this a complete pain and prefer a more relaxed look with looser, less fitted, clothes.

It is important that we wear clothes that truly reflect our personality and make the most of what we have. There is not just one right way to dress, there are many and we should adapt accordingly and appropriately for the circumstances.

What Determines Our Wardrobe Personality?

Many different aspects go into making up a Wardrobe Personality but it is most clearly represented in the accessories, fabrics and styles of clothing that we feel most at ease in. The huge variety of fabrics and textures on the market today contribute more to our style than you might realise. When we feel comfortable in our clothes we look and act in a more confident and relaxed manner.

The look you choose, from the styles, the fabrics, to and the accessories, gives out lots of information about you.

Being Truly You

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Being Truly You explains in detail 10 core Wardrobe Personalities to find the true you. Complete the questionnaire to identify your Wardrobe Personality.

“Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality”. SHAWN ASHMORE

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