Business Manners – Always Be Polite

By Angela Marshall, 18th Sep 2014


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Business Etiquette 

More companies are finding their staff need advice on how to be better mannered. This is a key part to having a good personal image. It doesn’t matter who we are or where we have come from we can always be well mannered and considerate to others. It may not be something a client, colleague or boss comments on but it does get noticed.

Whether in business for yourself, employed in a company or looking for a job we all need to be seen, how we come across is very important.  Remember this can be either face to face or through social media, both are very important. Head-hunters looking for a prospective candidate will look at your profile. Make sure your photo is a good representation of you and do update it. It is no good going for an interview looking years older. It’s always a shock when you see a journalist on TV, expecting a similarity with the photo you see each day in the newspaper and realising it was obviously taken several years ago.

Points to think of:

  1. Respect other people’s space, time, privacy and priorities.
  2. Always return telephone calls, if necessary leave a message on voicemail. Speak slowly and clearly. How good is your voicemail message?
  3. Where possible avoid loud rings/conversation on mobiles in public places, especially if they are business. Think about the kind of confidential conversations you may be having in public and how identifiable the information is, because you can’t be sure that the competition isn’t listening!
  4. Remember to be courteous to people at all times, including colleagues and visitors e.g. offer a drink, take a coat.
  5. Keep your promises or at least go back and update people.
  6. Introductions, general rule of thumb – juniors to seniors.
  7. Table manners can ruin your image, make sure you look and act the part.

Good Manners includes Communicating with People

Often people think good manners and etiquette are about using the correct utensils when eating and knowing what and where your plates and glasses are. Good manners are about being considerate and thoughtful to others. When we are polite it influences all working relationships whether it is with our bosses, colleagues or our clients. Being polite and having good manners makes a positive image and gives a wonderful first impression.

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