Casual Wear Working in the Home or Office

By Angela Marshall, 23rd Mar 2012










During the last 10 -15 years people have become more relaxed in their dress and the lines between weekend and office clothes have become blurred. When “Casual Friday” came in for office workers, people became confused about what they should wear and unfortunately, given an option, people chose more weekend casual wear than office casual wear and have also become more unkempt.

There are now many people who work from home and think it is ok to even be in their pyjamas in the middle of the day.

As, an image consultant, I advise people when working at home to still look neat, tidy and represent their wardrobe personality. This will help them produce their best work, feel comfortable and think positively and professionally.

If you work from home ask yourself:

  • Do you dress in clothes that you feel good in?
  • If someone was to knock on the door would you be confident with your appearance?
  • When you answer the phone are you feeling the part?

In the image business we often talk about the four level’s of casual wear to suit the various circumstances in people’s lifestyle and they are:

Formal – most formal e.g. business suits

Semi-Formal – casual business jackets

Casual – weekend casual collared,  shirts, sweaters

Informal – exercise clothes e.g. sweats,  swimsuits, exercise apparel

Casual wear does not mean sloppy or unkempt. Untidy and sloppy gives an indication your work will be the same.

When you go to work ask yourself:

  • Are my clothes appropriate for my job , my personal image and my company’s brand?
  • If you wear casual wear to work does it inspire confidence and encourage trust?
  • Would you be comfortable seeing a top boss in your clothes or having a picture taken for the company’s website?
  • Do clients and colleagues see the true you?
  • Do people look at you and know you are serious about your business?

Check out your wardrobe of clothes for the office, look at yourself in the mirror and see if you need to smarten up and start wearing what is appropriate for you and your job.

As I always say “When you dress the part, you look and feel the part and then people will think you are the part.”

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