Cheryl Cole’s Photo on Vogue’s cover

By Angela Marshall, 12th Jan 2009

Once again magazine’s are air brushing famous people so that it does not truly reflect the person. Cheryl Cole is also suppose to comment that she is not happy with her legs and that she struggles to control her weight.

Wouldn’t it be so much better if the media encouraged people, in the general public, to be more positive about themselves and to enjoy the assets they have not what they do not have. Instead they make people feel they have to be perfect but what is perfect? Has Kate Moss or Kate Winslet got a perfect body? Probably neither but at least they are making the most of their looks that reflects their personality and lifestyle. As an image consultant I spend my time helping people to be positive about themselves and to appreciate their body shape and to dress to suit their shape and personality, Hence my books are called ” Being Truly You

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