City Bankers and their Image

By Angela, 2nd Oct 2008

How a professional image can change in a very short time and yet it will take longer for City Bankers to be regarded as credible in the eyes of the general public. It is typically the 80:20 theory, only a small percentage of City Bankers have caused this problem, now the best way forward is for the banking industry to change the perception of who they are to the public. Each person’s individual personal image can make a difference.                       

In the current economic climate being brash, arrogant and flaunting your success is not a good personal image. I can think of one particular person who shines as an example to the world. Sadly last week Paul Newman died, one of the greatest stars in films over the last century. He knew how to behave, was a true gentleman, kind and thoughtful who gave no end to charity. He is an excellent example of how to behave as an gentleman, who didn’t abuse his good looks and charm, but instead was considerate to others less fortunate and yet enjoyed life to the full in a very positive and constructive way. Plus a happy and loving husband for over 50 years, a rarity in the movie world. Who said classic men are out of date?

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