Companies Hire and Promote Candidates who are Attractive

By Angela Marshall, 17th Aug 2009

It is known that companies prefer to promote candidates that are attractive, but attractiveness covers many things. Looking and feeling good, having good manners, being well groomed as well as being well presented and conducting yourself with good communication skills, confidence and style. We are all judged on the way we look, sound and behave. The better we are at these the more chance we will be seen as an attractive candidate when looking for a job.

With so many people applying for the same job it is important to make yourself as attractive as possible.

At Appearance Management we help people to look, feel and be their very best.

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2 Responses to “Companies Hire and Promote Candidates who are Attractive”

  1. dawnatupd8 says:

    Interesting Angela.

    I’m just reading ’59 Seconds Think a Little Change a Lot’ (Richard Wiseman) and he cites research that ‘being pleasant’ is what makes the difference between success and failure at interview – all the things you’re talking about 🙂

  2. Praca says:

    This is an epic post, maybe I should add add this blog to my blogroll? 🙂

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