Dress Codes for the “Social Season Events”

By Angela Marshall, 26th Jul 2011


Over the next few months many people from different companies will be entertaining at the various social season events. How many  employees will portray the image of their company’s brand and will their personal image fit in with the brand?

Dress  Codes for the “Social Season Events”

Different Race meetings have different dress codes, for more information on the correct Etiquette at the Races click here

Henley Royal Regatta  – Ladies wishing to enter the Stewards’ Enclosure must ensure their hemline is below the knee and trousers are not permitted. A hat is not obligatory but is encouraged. Avoid high heels shoes as they will sink into the grass. Men should wear lounge suits, or rowing blazers or jackets and trousers, a tie or cravat.

Lords Test Cricket – Jackets and ties are required in the Pavilion, smart casual in the Warner or Tavern stands and no fancy dress. A hat is advisable, on a hot sunny day as over a third of the seats are uncovered.

Wimbledon – Smart casual is required in the members’ areas (usually jackets/blazers and flannels for men and dresses or smart trousers for women). A hat is definitely advisable on a hot day and consider a cushion for sitting on. Although you can hire cushions or purchase one as a memorabilia.


Cartier International Day  – Smart casual and no jeans, trainers or sportswear, and gentlemen are requested to wear trousers, collared shirts and jackets in the restaurant.

Glastonbury and other festivals – Comfortable and practical and possible your wellies, as be prepared for all weather.


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