Dress for the job you want – David Cameron

By Angela Marshall, 29th Mar 2010

Whether we like it or not our “Appearance” does have a profound effect on how we feel and how people react to us. It is the most powerful means of non-verbal communication. As the world has become a smaller place and the pace of life has become faster then we judge people very quickly. A well put together outfit gives out the message you have respect for yourself as well as others and that you give attention to detail.

Britain will have a general election within the next few months so what we want to see is a leader that we can be proud of when they stand next to other leaders from the rest of the world. They are the chief executive of Great Britain.

With the current economic climate, the BA strikes and talks of other strikes we need to know we have a leader that looks professional, powerful and influential.

We have a phrase in the image business “Casual dress casual attitude.

Another phrase is “Dress for the job you want not the job you have got.” David Cameron may like to take note of this.

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  1. Angela,

    Serious Question: Do you think that you would like to take on the challenge of selecting a wardrobe of outfits for David Cameron ?

    What Image SHOULD David present ? Calm and assured ? (Nobody would believe that !) Industrious, yet Caring ? (That would be regarded as hypocritical !)

    It seems to me that we have lost “the good old days” of the authoritative look from a distinguished Gentleman wearing a 3-piece suit (but whatever, I’m going to keep on wearing mine 🙂 )

    From my own experience of (too many) years, it takes practice to wear a decent (as opposed to ‘stylish’) waistcoat with watch, chain and keyfob. The last Conservative Politician that I had any faith in was Enoch Powell (and I can easily defend his so-called “Rivers of Blood” speech). But his problem was that he was far better educated and far-sighted than his contemporaries and the Public gave him credit for. Offered the Leadership of the Conservative Party, he declined it, because he wanted the freedom to speak his mind. What do you think of Enoch’s ‘dress sense’ ?

    One of the finest (measured by actions and results) Conservative Prime Ministers of recent years was Sir Alec Douglas-Home, the 14th Earl of Home who had to renounce his title to serve in the House of Commons. But his presentation skills did not meet the needs of a modern era. What about Sir Alec ?

    The problem these days is that we have ultra-fast News Services, and a Public demanding both ‘Presence’ and Achievements, immediately, because television shows ‘say’ that it is possible. Well, we have had many years of Tony Blair’s skilfull ‘presence’ and stylish dressing, but what has been his legacy ? Loss of Goodwill around the world (except in America) and a Financial burden which in Real Terms surpasses that of “The Great Depression” – would that some of the ‘Fat Cat Bankers’, etc, had jumped off high-rise buildings as in the 1930’s !

    We had a Conservative Leader who went to great lengths to show that he was a good, solid, beer-drinking Yorkshireman (some people are just unlucky as to which side of the Pennines they were born on), but having passed by him in Hyde Park, that’s all I would have done … passed him by.

    Politics apart, I happen to like the style that Sir Menzies (“Ming”) Campbell presents. He’s as good, close up, as he is at a distance. But could he be a Prime Minister ?

    One of the most degrading experiences is to watch PMQs (Prime Minister’s Questions) in the Commons. At that ‘exercise’, it’s worse than the First Year Debating Society at my Grammar School !! For PMQs, perhaps Combat Clothing might be appropriate ?

    Back to the main issues: the old motto “Clothes Maketh The Man” – well, some 2,000 years later, millions of people still follow the teachings of a scruffy, ill-clad, Communist Jew, known locally at the time as Yesu the Nazarene. So much POWER, and such poor dress sense – or was it ? Perhaps that’s the proper clothing for a Martyr. If David Cameron is to be a Martyr to the Cause to get Britain ‘back on its feet’, should he wear a 3-piece suit, or a loincloth ?

    MMmmmm. “This is a two-pipe problem, Watson”.

  2. Шубин says:

    уже с самого начала было понятно чем закончится

  3. Yes appearance is extremely important for business professionals. It adds an extra value to your personality.

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  5. Angela says:

    Hi Heriberto
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