Dressing for the Cold and Snow

By Angela Marshall, 7th Dec 2010

Always prepare for your trip and dress for the cold weather is vital, wear several layers. Natural fibres such as wool, cashmere, cotton are best as they breathe. I suggest you always wear a full length warm overcoat or a warm windproof anorak, warm jumper, socks, shoes, gloves, scarf and hat. When you walk your circulation will help to keep you warm but if you stand around is when you need to ensure you move about.
Avoid handbags and purses. I suggest carrying your belongings and a change of clothes in a shoulder bag or backpack. Make sure you wear shoes with textured soles. Flat-soled shoes slip on thin snow and ice. You will still have slipping issues with textured soles, but not as many as the grooves will help you keep traction on slippery surfaces. If you walk to work, catch a bus or train it is a good idea to purchase Yaktrax or a similar product to place over your shoes to assist with traction in icy conditions.
Allow extra time to get somewhere whether going by car or walking.

7 Items to remember:

  1. Wear moisturiser and sunscreen on your face, neck and hands to protect yourself from the wind and sun.
  2. Dress in layers to keep comfortable, tight items next to skin and wear thermals.
  3. Hands – wear gloves, extra thin pair if very cold, water resistant gloves if going to get wet
  4. Head and neck – wear hat and scarf as you lose body heat through your head and neck.
  5. Feet – Thick socks and water resistant shoes
  6. High neck sweaters
  7. Coats with hoods for wind and snow

Try on different hats, gloves and scarves to make sure they are comfortable and don’t itch as some people react to various types of wool. Plus fabrics need to suit your wardrobe personality otherwise you will feel uncomfortable in them.

Playing in the snow – take breaks and ensure you keep warm. Hypothermia and frostbite are serious conditions. If you begin to shiver excessively, become confused, notice your speech slurring, or your ears, fingers or toes feel numb, seek warm shelter or call emergency services..

Remember to care for your pets , birds and local wild animals.

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    You may like to consider signing up to my monthly website for comments on fashion re social and work clothes. With regard to your trousers unless you purchase a pair without hoops it is regarded as inappropriate or not professional to go without a belt. You will find you will get use towearing one after a while and key is to choose a softer leather and correct size. The only other alternative is to purcahse trousers without hoops.
    I offer a freee 20 minute chat on how I will help you in a consultation.We can arrange to have a chat, which can be evening if more convenient.
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