Dressing for the Rain and Cold

By Angela Marshall, 28th Oct 2013

Loch Lom grey

Over the last few days we have had very wet weather in the UK and high winds. Several people are walking around town or waiting for transport wearing inappropriate attire. Always dress for the weather, particularly in Britain as the climate can change from day to day, so check out the forecast.

When travelling ensure you dress to suit the temperature and take added clothes if necessary. Always prepare and dress for the rain and cold weather, wear several layers. In the wet and wind wear wind proof and rain proof outerwear and footwear.

Tips to consider:

  • Invest in a quality raincoat e.g. classic trench coat. It will last for years and well worth the cost (CPR – cost per wear)
  • Avoid wearing leather or suede clothes, water will ruin them
  • Rain boots are ideal for walking, there are so many fun colours on the market
  • Footwear such as Doc Martens can be trendy to wear on the way to office or for your casual time
  • Wear a scarf and gloves in cold weather or when the weather is varied as they can easily be taken on and off.

Shoe Care

Take care of your shoes, when you get home put shoe trees or newspaper in them to keep their shape and ensure you clean them when they are dry. Use protective spray or cream to keep your leather in good condition. Use on suede shoes but avoid wearing them on wet days.

Cycling or Jogging in the Rain

My husband enjoys running in the rain, not my idea of fun!

Here are some tips to think of:

  • Again it is best to wear a couple of layers
  • Outerwear – important to wear wind- and water-resistant jacket or vest, preferably with vents
  • Close to your body – wear your high-visibility rain jacket. Technical fabrics such as Gortex that breathe or CoollMax, which takes the sweat away from your skin, you do not want boil-in-the bag effect.
  • Avoid wearing a waterproof rain jacket because it will trap moisture and heat.
  • Avoid cotton socks and tops, as they are uncomfortable and sticks to you when wet.
  • Gloves are essential on cold days – below 50F
  • Consider long underwear for the very cold months, if cycling

Colour for brightness

Finally, it can be depressing in the rain and cold so why not wear something colourful or use a colourful umbrella.



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