Dressing to Suit Your Age and Wardrobe Personality

By Angela Marshall, 11th Feb 2011

 As we get older most people want to look younger, but often people can make the mistake of wearing clothes too young or inappropriate for our age and shape.

 How you want to look and come across will vary depending on your wardrobe personality e.g. looking casual, sporty, trendy, creative, classic, chic or dramatic and will be reflected in your style of clothes, the fabrics and the type of accessories you wear. Sometimes your children will want you in the latest fashion trend, not thinking whether the items suit you or your age, and they can choose items for their personality not yours. If so, you will not feel comfortable in them or enjoy wearing them.

Whilst some people are not interested in fashion or clothes, others like to stick to the same thing and continue to wear what they have worn for the last 10 to 20 years. This will not only age you but also give out the message “Out of date dresser, out of date attitude”.

This all applies to men as well as women.

10 Tips on How to Look Younger but Appropriate for You

  1. Be aware of fashion and what is on trend but without being a fashion fad
  2. Check out some websites to see what is in season
  3. Wear styles to compliment your shape and size, reflect your wardrobe personality.
  4. Wear shades of colours and combinations to suit your individual colouring so you can look vibrant and healthy.
  5.   Buy classic items in colours other than black e.g. grey, navy, taupe, browns and add colours to suit you
  6. Purchase some accessories of the season that compliment your outfit e.g. bracelets or cufflinks, shoes, scarf, belt
  7. Bring out your best features and layer your clothes

Women  e.g. waist – a belt, legs – great heels, face – earrings or necklace. Layers to slim your waist or bottom e.g. gilet, cardigan

Men – shirt collar to compliment your neck and face shape, fashionable waistcoat/cardigan to camouflage the waist, shirt tucked in or out to suit your shape and length of body

         8.  Keep your hairstyle up to date

         9. Update your make up to suit your softer colouring and keep it in trend

         10. Alterations – adjust the length of trousers, jackets to trends, this is often every 3 or 4 years for women, less often for men.

Please contact Angela Marshall at Appearance Management for further advise or information.

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