Employees Smartening Up in the Work Place – 7 tips

By Angela, 4th Feb 2009

There are many discussions in the media, at present, about companies employing image consultants or employees looking for advice on how to look smart in the work place. Many people cannot remember how to look smart and students who left university over the last decade have not experienced a recession or how to look professional at all times.

1.       Firstly you need to look well groomed, all the time – neat tidy and presentable.

2.       Ensure your  clothes fit you well and the styles suit your shape

3.       Wear shades of colours to suit your corporate image and that suit your individual colouring

4.       Your clothes need to represent your wardrobe personality so that you show who you truly are- your personal image

5.       Be well mannered- courteous and helpful to bosses, clients and colleagues

6.       Good body language e.g. smile, it is a sign of friendship, foster goodwill in business and brings happiness s in the office.

7.       Be positive, have energy and enthusiasm.

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