Etiquette Friday – 10 Reasons to Write a Thank You Note

By Angela Marshall, 22nd Feb 2013

I continue my quest from 2012, when each Friday you join me in my campaign to change “Casual Friday” to “Etiquette Friday” and to encourage people and companies to get involved. Hopefully my messages have reminded you to make some small changes, and that people will be more considerate to others and more aware of their manners. The goal in turn will create a more pleasant and positive society.

Thank You Notes

I was always taught by my parents to write a thank you note when I received a present or if I stayed as a guest with a relative. There seems to be an unwritten rule these days that an e-card or a text message will suffice. Yet everyone loves to receive a thank you note. It means so much more.

10 reasons to write a thank you note, as it can:

  1. Demonstrate you really appreciated the gift.
  2. Encourage you to complete a task after you have received or experienced other people’s generosity.
  3. Show you respect the time and effort the person gave in hosting you for dinner, overnight stay or a weekend break.
  4. Teach a child to be grateful.
  5. Teach a child to show sentiment in a note and how to write a note.
  6. Build up writing skills and develop good handwriting.
  7. Bring a smile to the person’s face when they receive the note.
  8. Shows you have good manners.
  9. Improves your Personal Image.
  10. Have people appreciate in return.

So remember to pick up a pen and paper and write a note of thank you next time someone gives you a gift, invites you to dinner, takes you out for dinner or you stay with someone.


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