Etiquette Friday – Constantly Using Mobile Phone and ipad

By Angela Marshall, 29th Mar 2013

I continue my quest from 2012, when each Friday you join me in my campaign to change “Casual Friday” to “Etiquette Friday” and to encourage people and companies to get involved. Hopefully my messages have reminded you to make some small changes, and that people will be more considerate to others and more aware of their manners. The goal in turn will create a more pleasant and positive society.

Over the last 10 – 20 years keeping in contact and updating friends and family where you are has become so much easier by having a mobile phone. No longer do we need to sit waiting for someone to get off a train or finish a class to pick them up. A quick text or phone message and you know when you should collect the person. However, we can easily spend too much time using technology at the expense of talking face to face.

Constantly texting, checking emails or tweeting

It seems like people have become addicted to their mobile phone or ipad. Whether catching a train, bus or on the underground; walking in the High Street or queueing to purchase an item in a shop, people seem to be communicating via their phone rather than face to face.

I don’t think people think about or realize how rude it is for other people. When I am travelling on public transport I don’t wish to hear other people’s conversation, often the discussion is most boring for anyone else.  In a restaurant you see people with their mobile phone in their hand. When I am with people I like to spend time with them and immerse myself in conversation face to face and give the people I am with my undivided attention.

It seems to have become an addiction for many. People spend so much time on their phones or on social media they forget to live life in the “now.” One of the most hurtful and rude things you can do to family and friends is to ignore them or expect them to compete with your phone for time when you are with them.


Texting is cheaper for people but walking and texting is distracting and takes your concentration. Walking and talking or texting is even more difficult than walking and talking to a camera. If you want to text in public at least stand still, so that you can be more aware of your surroundings and the other people around you.

Face to Face Communication

When we communicate face to face we express and show our feelings and people respond more positively. We can more easily understand a person’s personality and it helps build rapport more quickly with our colleagues, friends and family.

Like all good things we need to ensure we do not over indulge in the use of them such that they become an irritant to others.


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