Etiquette Friday – Hanging up Clothes After Trying Them On

By Angela Marshall, 14th Dec 2012

It’s Friday and the day I request you join me in my campaign for 2012 to change “Casual Friday” to “Etiquette Friday”, to get people and companies involved. If we consciously make an effort every Friday then hopefully it will become a habit every day. I challenge you to make one small change a week and by the end of the year let’s hope we have a more pleasant and positive society.

Hanging up clothes after trying them on in the fitting room

Do you hang up your clothes, after trying them on in the fitting room, or just leave them in a bunch?

Those clothes belong to someone else whilst you are trying them on, so remember to respect them as the property of someone else.  You wouldn’t walk into your friends wardrobe try on a few outfits to see which one is the best for your needs and then walk out without returning the discarded items to the wardrobe.  So why is it acceptable in a changing room?

Fitting room Etiquette:

Most stores these days require you to account for the clothes you try on.  They expect you to return the clothes to the attendant at the entrance. Returning them on their hangers prevents the attendant the extra job of steaming them if they have become creased.

Remember you are only one of several people trying on clothes and if everyone handed back their clothes in a bunch, the attendant has to hang them all back up and ensure they aren’t creased before returning them to the rails on the shop floor.  Ensuring that you return the few clothes you have tried on to their hangers saves the attendant a time consuming job.

Your Image

When you leave clothes in a bunch or left untidy you are giving out a message about you and your personal image. Poeple may think you don’t care about others or their belongings. So don’t let yourself down by showing you have no respect for other people’s belongings.

It is important to treat other people’s property with respect.

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