Etiquette Friday – Make A Good Impression

By Angela Marshall, 21st Sep 2012

It’s Friday and the day I request you join me in my campaign for 2012 to change “Casual Friday” to “Etiquette Friday”, to get people and companies involved. If we consciously make an effort every Friday then hopefully it will become a habit every day. I challenge you to make one small change a week and by the end of the year let’s hope we have a more pleasant and positive society.

Make a Good Impression

Being polite and having good manners makes a good impression on others. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from; rich or poor; black or white, good manners creates a good impression and doesn’t cost money.

Good manners open doors as it shows you are courteous and respectful to others and care about their feelings. Different cultures may have very different rules of etiquette, but the key thing is to do unto others as you wish done to you. When in a different country or with a different culture of people then be aware of what they do, observe carefully and try to follow or consider what they regard as appropriate.


10 Key things to remember:

  1. Say please and thank you
  2. Say sorry when you upset someone or do something wrong
  3. Open doors for people
  4. Stand back and let older people, pregnant women or people with push chairs pass
  5. In Britain remember to stand in a queue and not barge past people
  6. Do not spit, burp and avoid passing wind in public
  7. Do not eat with your mouth open
  8. Use a knife and fork, don’t eat with your hands
  9. Put your hand to your mouth if you yawn
  10. Avoid talking loudly especailly on your mobile in public

Finally remember to Smile, it shows friendship and warmth to your fellow man!

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