Etiquette Friday – Manners on Valentine’s Day

By Angela Marshall, 8th Feb 2013

I continue my quest from 2012,  when each Friday I requested you join me in my campaign to change “Casual Friday” to “Etiquette Friday” and to encourage people and companies to get involved. Hopefully my messages have reminded you to make some small changes, and that people will be more considerate to others and more aware of their manners. This in turn will create a more pleasant and positive society, as well as help people to communicate and  feel better about themselves.

Valentine’s Day

It is important to be courteous at all times,  but particularly on a date and especially on Valentine’s Day.

Here are some reminders on manners for the special day:

  1. Personal Grooming – No one wants to be dating someone with bad breath or dirty nails – your image and personal hygiene is vital for success. You don’t have to be dressed from top to toe in designer clothes, but cleanliness and style will pay dividends.
  2. What to Wear – It is important to dress so you feel comfortable and to be yourself – your wardrobe personality. Dress appropriately for the event to show you have made an effort and that you care.  Read more.
  3. Body Language – Positive body language is important. Eye contact is always a must on a date, but this doesn’t mean you should stare at them. If it is a first date be aware not to invade the person’s inner space. Smile!
  4. Get There On Time – Just because women typically take more time to get ready that is no reason at all to arrive late for a date. If you have scheduled to meet at a particular time, be there when you said you would.
  5. Small Talk – Find out their interests and hobbies; show you are keen to know more about them. Don’t talk about your interests, for too long, if it doesn’t interest them. Remember God gave you 2 ears and 1 mouth. Listening should be proactive not reactive, ask questions.
  6. Turn your Mobile Phone Off
  7. Thank youIf you are treated then remember to say thank you!

Always compliment your date on what he or she is wearing, men as well as women love to be flattered.

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