Etiquette Friday – New Year Resolutions

By Angela Marshall, 28th Dec 2012

It’s Friday and the last Friday of the year.

During 2012,  each Friday I have requested you join me in my campaign to change “Casual Friday” to “Etiquette Friday” and to encourage people and companies to get involved. Hopefully my messages have reminded you to make some small changes. I hope,  from the weekly reminders, people will be more considerate to others and more aware of their manners. This in turn will create a more pleasant and positive society, as well as help people to communicate and  feel better about themselves.

New Year’s Resolution

We can all improve on our manners and be more thoughtful to others and it is good to start the year considering what and how to improve and to be aware of what areas we are inclined to forget. My husband and I have four elderly parents in their 90s, so we may well need to be more patient with them!

Many thanks for reading my “Etiquette Friday” blogs,  I would love to hear which changes you found easy and those that were more challenging.  I hope you will continue with good manners and adapt your etiquette into 2013.

Remember to Treat others as You Wish to be Treated.

Good manners is about behaving in a way that is socially acceptable and respectful to others but also allowing for different cultures. By showing respect, consideration and care to others it helps to have better relationships with other people.

Remember – Manners are part of your Personal Image and Brand.

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