Etiquette Friday – Olympics, Getting Along with Each Other

By Angela Marshall, 27th Jul 2012

It’s Friday and the day I request you join me in my campaign for 2012 to change “Casual Friday” to “Etiquette Friday”, to get people and companies involved. If we consciously make an effort every Friday then hopefully it will become a habit every day. I challenge you to make one small change a week and by the end of the year let’s hope we have a more pleasant and positive society.

The Olympics starts this weekend and there will be lots of people in London and the surrounding areas over the next month with the cycling actually coming through my immediate area. It is a good time to consider how to get on with other people, to show ourselves at our best, and to be patient, polite and considerate.

Some reminders and suggestions:

  1. Treat Others as You Would Like to be Treated Yourself – be patient and considerate to others, especially disabled people, the elderly or people with young children. They may well take more time or walk slower than you.
  2. Use your Ps and Qs – say “please” and “thank you”. Show your appreciation.
  3. Laugh – have fun and enjoy the moment. It is good to be alive!
  4. Tone of voiceit’s not the what you say, it’s the way you say it, so don’t sound aggressive but speak with confidence and don’t mutter.
  5. Smile – it’s a sign of friendship; a smile starts from the eyes and shows in your face and will be reflected  in your voice.
  6. Make a Difference to Someone’s Day – offer someone help if you think they need it. Doing something for someone helps makes you feel good, as well as them.
  7. Cellphone Etiquette – avoid talking loudly or speaking when in a crowd and remember to turn your phone off during events whether watching  at the venue or in a pub.

Remember, to stay calm, smile and try to be graceful and charming. It is always better to be nice and respectful to others even if they are not to you. Take the higher ground.

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