Etiquette in Business

By Angela Marshall, 27th Jan 2012

Having good manners is part of our Personal Image hence Business Etiquette is included in my speaking engagements and Appearance Management corporate workshops.
Etiquette is the rules of social behaviour, whilst manners are how we apply them. In the United Kingdom, Royal and State occasions are the most formal. They are organised by Buckingham Palace and guidance is always given to anyone invited.

Displaying good manners can be summarised simply as having respect for others as well as being considerate to other people.  Manners should be consistent, although as people travel more widely and we interface with numerous different cultures we need to be conscious of adapting these according to the people we are with, the environment and circumstances.

There are differences between social and business etiquette, e.g. in a business environment men and women must be given equal treatment; any distinctions are determined by rank and position. In a social context, on the other hand, women often find that men may show a level of attention like holding the door open or pulling out a chair.

Having good social skills enhances your personal and professional image and reputation. It can also give you the competitive edge and help you to stand out from the crowd. It strengthens relationships and with experience you will feel more comfortable as you develop personal poise and confidence. People like being with people they feel comfortable with and whose company they enjoy. Etiquette is about presenting yourself with the kind of polish that shows you can be taken seriously.

Good manners may not be commented on but bad manners will never be forgotten.

I will cover various subjects in future blogs for you to consider as good manners in business.

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