Fashion Week – The Forgotten Older & Larger Women

By Angela Marshall, 28th Feb 2013

Larger & Curvaceous Women

Twice a year we have “London Fashion Week”. Do the designers consider larger framed and middle-aged women? Sadly not, it seems that designers are taught how to design clothes for small framed or underweight women and for the very young. Yet the women who have the most surplus money to spend on clothes are generally larger than size 10 and in the 40 + age group.

So you can imagine how pleased I was this year to hear about  ‘London Plus Size Fashion Weekend’. The designers that were represented at the event covered various wardrobe personalities and one of my favourite Creative Romantic designers was there, Carolyn de la Drapiere, who sells affordable bespoke as well as ready to wear  items in wonderful luxurious fabrics. Carolyn designs all items  – dresses, tops, skirts or shirts for any occasion.

Other brands included Anna Scholz, Pauline et Julie, Simply Be, Scarlett & Jo,  young designer Syreeta Badu as well as Swimsuitsforall. It is great to see great fashion concepts and ideas for all sizes and let’s hope the fashion buyers in the High Street are taking this on board!

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