Good Manners and Professional Etiquette are often ignored

By Angela Marshall, 20th Apr 2009

Having good manners and professional etiquette are often ignored and yet are so significant, as they are part of your personal image. Manners have become more relaxed, especially when meeting the Royal family, however there are still many rules that are timeless and expected as part of professional manners. The key thing is to always treat people with consideration and respect, although this should be obvious, it is frequently a casualty in many workplaces.

In a business environment this means understanding the critical factors that can make or break a business meeting; impress a potential client or influence a first impression on your first day in a new job. When attending a meeting you should stand when a senior manager or top executive enters the room. Then wait until they offer their hand and when shaking hands ensure you always have a firm grip (although don’t squeeze). And look directly in the eye when greeting them. If you are the host ensure you offer your hand to your guest and welcome them with a smile.

 Remember: Always be conscious that your mannerisms reflect on your professionalism and that of your company’s business.

Appearance Management includes etiquette and manners as part of their workshops and personal consultations.

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