Good Manners brings Good Business – 10 Tips

By Angela Marshall, 8th Sep 2010

Business dining manners are an important part of conducting business. It is said that 50% of business today is conducted over meals therefore the potential for making a good or bad impression should not be underestimated. Your actions are consciously or sub consciously watched and it is an ideal way of building relationships with your clients, so make sure it is a positive one!

Good manners may not be commented on but bad manners do not get forgotten. 

Some management take their prospective employees out for lunch so that they can monitor their manners and see how they behave with the waiters. If they are respectful to the waiters they are more likely to treat their staff correctly.

10 Tips for Business Dining:

  1. When inviting clients to lunch or dinner, remember that the restaurant you select is an extension of you and your business. Choose a restaurant to suit you and your clients personality, where the food is of good quality and the service is reliable.
  2. Confirm the day before with your client and call the restaurant to confirm details.
  3. When accompanied to a table allow your guest(s) to go first and if  you are a group then suggest where people sit. Ensure the guest of honour is seated to the right of the senior host.
  4. Offer your guest the better position seat e.g. a view or looking out into the restaurant, although allow for you to see the waiting staff. 
  5. Avoid leaving your items on the table e.g. iphone/mobile phone, car keys, etc.
  6. Order last if you are the host, but give suggestions if you know the restaurant and it will also give a guide as to the  prices you wish to pay.
  7. When the waiter or maître d’ asks for your order, ensure your guests give their order first. Besides being polite, it’s a sign that you are hosting and will be paying.
  8. If there is bread, butter  or  water on the table then ensure you offer them to your guests first.
  9. Avoid talking with a full mouth.
  10. Refrain from starting your food until everyone has theirs, and as the host lead by starting first. 

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