Good Manners includes Communicating with People

By Angela Marshall, 26th Nov 2013


Often people think good manners and etiquette are about using the correct utensils when eating and knowing which plates and glasses go where. Good manners include table manners but more importantly they are about being considerate and thoughtful to others. When we are polite it influences all our working relationships whether it is with our bosses, colleagues or our clients. It can also influence people we deal with in our everyday lives. Being polite and having good manners makes a positive impression on others, it makes people feel warmer towards you and gives a wonderful first impression.

Good Communication Skills

iStock_000016035677MediumGood manners includes communicating with other people and interacting face to face. It is important to show interest in other people and to listen to what others have to say.  When we talk, we need to ask open questions so we learn more about others. It helps us to build up a good relationship both in our personal and business lives.


Social Media & Technology

With new technology it is so easy to communicate with people via text or social media which can save a lot of time and is instant. However, it is very important to also have face to face communication as visually seeing a person communicates very important messages that helps build good relationships.

7 Tips – How to have good manners and communication skills

  1. Regularly make conversation and practise your skills
  2. Ensure you have positive body language e.g. good eye contact, upright posture, good handshake and Smile!
  3. Actively use your listening skills and avoid interrupting
  4. Be thoughtful and considerate when you express your views and opinions
  5. Keep a positive attitude
  6. Ask and answer open ended questions
  7. When you or others make mistakes make an apology or accept theirs

We all have busy lives but too many people forget to include friends, family or other people into their world and learn what others are doing or achieving. By showing interest in others it is not only good manners but helps us to broaden our outlook in life. Think after you have visited or seen clients, colleagues, family or friends what did you find out about them and how much interest did you show them to let them know that you care.

2 Responses to “Good Manners includes Communicating with People”

  1. Annie Brooks says:

    Hi Angela
    Hope you’re well. Love your blog. And particularly this item about manners. Manners certainly maketh (wo)man! I totally agree with you. Too many people these days leave their manners at home. They cost nothing and it gives others a ‘feelgood factor’ if you are well mannered and considerate to them.
    Festive greetings from Snog Towers!
    Annie x

  2. Hi Annie,
    Many thanks for your comments, glad to hear you agree. It’s great hearing fro you. All the best Angela

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