Good Service and the Right Attitude

By Angela Marshall, 15th Jul 2014


Businesses across different sectors can be brilliant at providing good services that people want and need, whilst others are absolutely dreadful. I never quite understand why employees of companies think it is ok not to engage with their customer or client and expect their business to do well. Businesses that train their staff well on customer service reap the rewards, whilst others that don’t provide a good service lose out on the potential of the business. Poor customer service is very harmful to a company’s brand.

Great Service and Great Attitude

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My husband and I enjoy eating in good restaurants, particularly  as my husband loves cooking and having food he knows takes great skill, plus I study wine so I love to learn from the sommeliers. A great restaurant is a great example of demonstrating how to treat customers. The staff make you feel special, ensure you are pleased with your food and wine and show great attention to detail. When they are enthusiastic about their business it shows. There are some great places all over the world but near to me I always enjoy Pollen Street Social and Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons who are prime examples of this.

Poor Service and Bad Attitude

We are thinking of buying a new car and every time this happens we are always amazed how variable the service is, some sales people seem completely disinterested whilst others are most helpful and explain the benefits and offer a test drive. Sometimes it may be down to the local garage. As a rule, I don’t like to mention specific brands, but after having a conversation with some friends, I realised we all came up with the same brands. For example each Audi garage I have visited in the south east of England has made me feel they have no care in what I want or do.  On the other hand my local Jaguar and Volvo garages have spent a lot of time explaining their cars as well as offering me a test drive. We are still looking for the most appropriate car for our needs and it will be interesting to see the service that other garages provide during our search.

Some tips:

  1. Greet your customer when they arrive make them feel welcome
  2. Ask questions – obtain some information and anticipate their requirements
  3. Be a good listener – take the time to recognise your customer’s needs
  4. Treat the customer as an individual – make key notes about them and treat them as special
  5. Give more than expected – treat them as you wish to be treated and give them something extra above what they will expect
  6. Keep in touch – follow up, when appropriate, by contacting them but do not be a nuisance
  7. Say thank you – show you appreciate their business


Whether you speak to clients face to face or on the telephone always smile. It fosters good will in business, shows a sign of friendship and enriches those who receive it.


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