Have Confidence on How to Wear Colour to Suit You

By Angela Marshall, 10th Feb 2011

Before and AfterOften we will choose an item in our wardrobe by the colour and this reflects our emotions and mood. We can subconsciously do this, but sometimes the decision can be done consciously which will help us to have the ability to communicate our emotions and desires to others. For example red is known as a colour that can excite us or can come across as aggressive, whereas blue is great for relaxing and unwinding. Our clothes vibrate colour and that colour is a reflection of our inner selves- our emotions and mood we are in and how we want to be treated. Depending on our wardrobe personality we will prefer some colours to others. 

We can all benefit from understanding what colours suit us best. Wearing the right shades of colours helps us to look good, all the time not just some of the time. Knowing what suits us enables us to co-ordinate various colours to compliment our complexion, hair and eyes. Understanding what shades of colour is also beneficial in helping to organise and plan our wardrobe and it makes it easier and quicker to shop. You will straight away see which ones will look great on you and which do not. This will save time and money by avoid making mistakes and the clothes will mix and match easily, plus give you a more co-ordinated and flexible wardrobe.

The best way to understand what shades of colours suit you is to have a professional colour analysis. Wearing the right colours will help you to look and feel good about yourself and, give you greater confidence. Have a think about the following:

Do you:

  • Feel trapped in black, wear very little else?
  • Dislike some of the colours in your wardrobe?
  • Wish you had a more co-ordinated wardrobe?
  • Want to know which shades of colours suit you?
  • Ever look in the mirror and feel you look pale and tired?

A colour consultation will help you to:

  • Look radiant, younger and healthier
  • Understand what shades of colours suit you e.g. deep vs. light, warm vs. cool
  • Combine colours that compliment you
  • Have a more co- ordinate and flexible wardrobe
  • Shop more efficiently; knowing what shades suit you best and avoid those that don’t
  • Shop quicker and make less mistakes
  • Save time and money

 A personal consultation with Angela Marshall of Appearance Management costs £100 including a colour wallet or you can attend a colour workshop – Price per person £69.50 including a colour swatch. Payable before the day. For more information contact Angela at Appearance Managemen.

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