How to Behave When Meeting The Queen

By Angela Marshall, 30th Apr 2012

The Queen meets thousands of people every year, but this year, in particular with it being her Diamond Jubilee, many more of us will have the opportunity to see her at various engagements. Perhaps you may see her in your local area or during the Jubilee weekend in London.

How to behave when meeting the Queen



People can feel nervous or afraid, they will flap, when they meet the Queen or members of the Royal Family. Sometimes people wonder how they are supposed to behave when they meet the Queen. The simple answer is that in today’s modern times there are no obligatory codes of behaviour, but I suggest the best way is to acknowledge her with a smile.  If you are lucky enough to see her close or even speak to her then there are some traditional forms of greeting you may wish to do:

  • For men this is a neck bow (from the head only) whilst women do a small curtsy.
  • On presentation to The Queen, the correct way to address her is ‘Your Majesty’ and subsequently ‘Ma’am’ (to rhyme with jam or ham)”.
  • All other Royals are to be addressed as “Your Royal Highness” and thereafter as “Sir” or ‘Ma’am’.
  • Royal spouses –  how they are addressed depends on their sex. Wives assume their husband’s status and should be addressed as ” Your Royal Highness” and thereafter as ‘Ma’am’. However, men, unless they have sufficient rank in their own right, are not referred to as “Your Royal Highness’ or ‘Sir’ nor should you bow or curtsey.

If you would like to meet the Queen or a member of the Royal family during the Jubilee year then see the latest news for where the Queen and members of the Royal family will be visiting.

Image credits:  The British Monarchy

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