How to Have a Great Wardrobe – Step 2

By Angela Marshall, 19th Sep 2013

IMG_9504How to Have a Great Wardrobe – Step 2 Organise Your Clothes

Having a great wardrobe makes life so much easier, both for getting dressed as well as looking good for whatever you do in your lifestyle.

Last session was about sorting your wardrobe. Step Two – the next step – is about “Organising Your Wardrobe”, putting the clothes you want to wear back in your wardrobe but organising them into some order so you can easily decide what to wear and quickly choose different items to wear on different occasions.

Here are 7 tips on how to organise the clothes you wear in the Wardrobe:

  1. Hang or fold in drawers your clothes in groups e.g. women – jackets, suits, skirts, trousers, jeans, blouses, dresses. Men – shirts (casual/formal), trousers, suits, jeans, t-shirts and jumpers. Hang outfits separately unless only worn together e.g. suit.
  2. Store similar shades of colours together (put a different colour between black and navy).
  3. Shoes should be in shoe-trees and either in boxes or on a rack.
  4. Hang belts on a belt hanger, in order to prevent cracking.
  5. Keep jewellery and cufflinks in a box neatly. Stones and pearls should be kept separately in order not to scratch.
  6. Fold scarves in a drawer or hang over a hanger.
  7. Remember to sort underwear, swimwear and nightwear.

Next week I shall discuss Step 3- Planning What You Have and What You Need in your wardrobe.


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2 Responses to “How to Have a Great Wardrobe – Step 2”

  1. Organizing the cloths in a good format is the most important part of having a great wardrobe. Clothing racks can work more than just folding the cloths. You can’t put everything in the same drawer. 🙂

  2. Many thanks for your comments. I will get my web guys to check it out.

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