How to Have a Great Wardrobe – Step Four Shopping Tips

By Angela Marshall, 3rd Oct 2013

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A Great Wardrobe – Step Four Shopping for Clothes

In the previous Step Three ,  I discussed how to plan what items you need to buy for your wardrobe, now is the session on considering where and in what priority to purchase the clothes.

Before you start to purchase clothes give yourself a budget. If you have no idea then it is a good plan to work out what you spent on clothes last year including your lingerie.

Cost per Wear (CPW)

You need to spend the most on the items you are going to wear the most and where you need and want to look your best e.g. work.

Cost per Wear – The more you wear an item the cheaper it becomes, as we say in the business – “Cost per Wear”. An example would be a suit that costs you £500 and you wear it 1 day a week for 3 years, it will have cost you less than £3.50 per wear, whereas a shirt you bought for £30 and wore once has cost you £30 per wear.

Shopping List – Have a list of items you need. If you have had a colour analysis consultation remember to carry your colour wallet. Be aware of impulse buys and remember Love it Madly, Need it Badly or do not buy it.

Do’s and Don’ts

Here are some suggestions of things you should do or avoid doing:

  1. Make a list of what you need in order of priority.
  2. Buy classic pieces in your best neutral colours for your basics.
  3. Add colour for interest.
  4. Buy just a few inexpensive seasons’ trendy pieces to look up to date.
  5. Buy good quality accessories e.g. brief case, jewellery, bag or shoes.
  6. Buy fashionable accessories to update and complete your outfits.
  7. Think of alterations and what needs to be done. Allow for the cost.
  8. Keep receipts and do take back anything that you find is a mistake when you get home.
  9. Don’t buy “bargains” that you will not wear.
  10. Do not wait until you need to buy, desperation will lead you to the incorrect item.
  11. Consider items you can wait for and possibly get in the sale.
  12. Sign up for newsletters for brands you like, so you can receive information on discounts and sales.

Checking Websites and Online Shopping

Check out some websites to see what items are in fashion and what colours are around for the season. Sign up to your favourite websites so that you get informed when they offer discounts. Many sites will offer 24 hour discounts or an introductory offer, so be ready with what you know you want, especially if you feel the item is more expensive than you would like. Look at discount sites that give vouchers.

Going shopping

  • Decide where the best places to go are.
  • Remember Discount Shopping Stores e.g. Bicester Village, Gunwharf Quays
  • Dress appropriately for your trip – wear comfortable shoes and clothes that are easy to take on and off, but dress smart and be well groomed.
  • Take any items, including shoes, which you need to match new items with or wear them.
  • Make sure the items mix and match with the rest of the wardrobe?

 Golden Rules

Keep it simple.

  • Buy colours that suit you.
  • Buy styles that suit your body shape.
  • Buy what suits your personality and not your friends.
  • Shopping on your own is best or with a reliable partner.
  • Buy within your budget!

Remember my phrases  – Cost per Wear and Love it madly, need it badly or you don’t buy it!

Happy Shopping!

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