How to Have a Great Wardrobe – Step One

By Angela Marshall, 12th Sep 2013


Having a great wardrobe makes life easier when getting dressed each morning as well as helping you to keep to a budget. You will also feel a lot happier with your clothes which in turn gives you confidence.

The first stage for achieving this is to sort your wardrobe. By finding out what you have in your wardrobe you will have a better idea of what clothes you already have to wear to suit you and your lifestyle. You can then plan what items you need rather than going out and buying items you don’t need.

Sort Your Wardrobe

Firstly,  get rid of clothes you don’t wear, too old or don’t fit. You need to sort out what items you need to suit you and your present day lifestyle. Often only 20% of your wardrobe is worn 80% of the time. A wardrobe makeover leaves you feeling a lot happier with your wardrobe.

Here are some suggestions on how to clear out all the items in your wardrobe/s. Do this by taking all your clothes out of your wardrobe, cupboards or drawers and then divide them into five piles:

Five piles:

  1. Clothes that are too worn and old – go to the clothes bin or give to charity.
  2. Clothes you know you will definitely not wear – sell on eBay or give to charity.
  3. Clothes you definitely wear and look and feel good in; put back in the wardrobe.
  4. Clothes that need minor repairs – get them repaired or put in pile 1.
  5. The hardest! Items you do not wear because :
    • They don’t fit – wrong size
    • When you try them on you are not sure you like them.
    •  You don’t have anything to go with them.
    •  You just don’t want to part with them

Do not put them back into your wardrobe; put them in another wardrobe or a bin liner, if you have not worn them after 6-12 months then ask yourself  “why are you keeping them?” If you think it is because you have gone up or down a size ask yourself if you go back to that size will you wear the item? If you try the clothes on and you not sure you like them then wear them for a day or a few hours and ask yourself, when you take them off, did you feel good in them? If you didn’t then definitely get rid of the item. (Either wrong style or wrong personality type for you and learn from your mistake).

You will find you have a lot less in your wardrobe but you will have items you like and wear. Sort the items into categories and then colour e.g. skirts (women), tops, trousers, jackets. Then within those categories – black, grey, navy, blue etc.

This is the first step to ensuring your wardrobe works for you everyday, every occasion.  Step 2 to follow next week. Why not sign up to receive my blogs.

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