How to Have a Great Wardrobe – Step Three

By Angela Marshall, 26th Sep 2013


Having an effective wardrobe makes life easy, it helps you keep to a budget as well as easing the decision of what to wear every morning.  The next stage is about planning what you have and what you need to purchase to suit your lifestyle.

Step 3- Planning What You Have and What You Need

Firstly assess your wardrobe.

You now need to ask yourself: “has my lifestyle changed recently?” What percentage of your life is?

  • Working – formal, informal.
  • Personal – casual, smart, sport, gym, relaxed.
  • Special Occasions – formal evening wear, nightclub or party wear.

Your wardrobe should be co-ordinated with versatile separates. Classic items (e.g. Women – suit, jacket, trouser, skirt, jeans. Men – suits, jacket, trousers, jeans, shirts, casual tops)) should be the basics and your wardrobe should be planned around these key pieces and then add fashionable items each season. Learn to mix and match your colours and styles in different ways. Ask yourself what slight adjustments you need to make e.g. buy a new top or shirt in the season’s colours that mix with several items and/or a few new accessories.

Here are some examples of planning lists:

Wardrobe Planning List – Men

Wardrobe Planning List – Women

Creating an up to date look —  you don’t have to be a slave to fashion, but it is important to keep a modern fresh look (an out of date dresser indicates an out of date attitude). Ask yourself what slight adjustments do you need to make e.g. a few new accessories are a quick, easy way to update your outfits, or consider adding a new shirt or top in the season’s colours that mix with several of your existing items. Check out magazines, browse the internet or look at merchandise in shops for ideas.

Accessories are essential — accessories are essential. They can update and change the look of your outfits from day to evening or just a different look. They also add a certain style and quality. Buy the best you can afford, sales are often a good time. A good quality belt makes cheaper quality trousers look more expensive and the same with your shoes. Your accessories say a lot about you and your personality. Choosing the accessories you like help to bring out your wardrobe personality.

You should spend around 30% of your clothes budget on accessories. Most people do not spend sufficient on their accessories or buy enough.

Next week I shall  give you some “shopping tips”.


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