How to Have A Simple Wardrobe of Clothes You Feel Great In

By Angela Marshall, 15th Feb 2012







Do you want a Wardrobe of Clothes that when you get up each day or go out in the evening it is quick and easy to choose as well as looking and feeling good?



Do you want a wardrobe of clothes that suits your budget and you wear 80% of the clothes the majority of the time and the 20% is for occasional wear, instead of being the other way around?


As an image consultant, for over 17 years , I have helped people to have a simple wardrobe they enjoy, so here are some of my tips on how to achieve a great Wardrobe of clothes:

  • Be realistic about your body shape, understand your shape, size and bone structure. Who is perfect? Kate Moss, Cheryl Cole or Jennifer Lopez ; Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer or David Beckham? They are all different shapes and sizes.
  • Choose colours that flatter your skin tone and compliment you, hence making you look more vibrant, healthier and younger. Don’t just buy black wear colour.
  • Understand your wardrobe personality e.g. what styles, fabrics and accessories you feel good in and enjoy wearing.
  • Build a wardrobe of clothes that suit your lifestyle and budget.
  • Mix and match your items, so that you have different looks but only need a few items.
  • Add accessories to change and update your look e.g. scarves, jewellery, shoes.
  • Don’t be a slave to fashion, choose to suit you.
  • Think CPW – cost per wear. An item costing £250 and worn 100 times, costs £2.50, whereas an item costing £50 and worn once costs £50 and is therefore more expensive.
  • Plan and organise your wardrobe at least 2 – 3 times a year. Make a list of what you need each season.
  • Allow some time, like any project, amend and adjust it on a regular basis and you will start to look, feel and be your very best and it can all be within a planned budget.

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