How to Wash a White Shirt and Keep it White

By Angela Marshall, 26th Sep 2013

White shirt

 You buy a crisp white shirt or t-shirt, but does it stay like that? Do you wash it with coloured items?

A smart white shirt is a classic item that should be in most people’s wardrobes. In my case a soft white, as I am so warm skinned, pure white makes me look pale. I recommend all cool tone skin people have a smart crisp white shirt, for us warm skin tones a winter white. Even if you are in a casual job there is always an occasion when a crisp white shirt or blouse will make you look smart and elegant.

Tips on washing a white shirt or t-shirt:

  1. Never mix whites with coloured items. Always keep them separate.
  2. Separate fabrics, especially cotton and synthetic fabrics to allow for different temperatures.
  3. A stain removing product (such as Grandma’s spot, Vanish or Shout) is an essential tool when trying to remove dirt, grime or make up from collars and cuffs.
  4. Check manufacturer’s instructions, but wash at 60- 40 degrees with a suitable detergent for whites.
  5. If you suffer from underarm staining from deodorants or perspiration marks then consider sewing in some garment guard patches, available from a haberdashery or Amazon.
  6. Ecover’s Laundry Bleach can help with white underwear or items that have gone dull after a period of time.
  7. Avoid dry cleaners as machine wash is better for the fabric and colour.

Ironing – a steam iron is preferable, especially for cotton. Use a pressing cloth for delicate fabrics such as lace and ensure you put the iron on the correct settings. T M Lewin has great instructions on YouTube about how to iron.

For more tips read my blog  “Looking After Your Clothes & Understanding Your Fabrics.” or ” How to Look After Cashmere

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