How to Wear a Successful Outfit You Look and Feel Good In

By Angela Marshall, 14th Nov 2011

A successful outfit is one that projects the right  image for the occasion; that you look and feel good in, is appropriate whether it is for business, social, casual or formal.

10 points to consider:

Wear clothes that:

  1. Are clean, tidy and presentable
  2. Reflect your wardrobe personality
  3. Fit well and flatter your shape
  4. Compliment your colouring
  5. Support your message about who you are – your personal image and brand
  6. Are appropriate for the occasion, whether a business or social event
  7. Are comfortable
  8. Give you confidence
  9. Add accessories to add colour and  interest
  10. Appropriate shoes

Clothes need to be a support in our lives and not a problem. Our wardrobe needs to be adaptable and easy to use. If you need professional advice then consider seeing an image consultant. The benefits of receivng help can save you time and money. After receiving advice you will have a better understanding of where and what to buy within your budget, leaving you with a great wardrobe.

It is often the case you don’t know what you don’t know.

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